Original Montgomery is the oldest surviving company, selected by the British Admiralty in the early 1890s to produce the first duffle coats for the Royal Navy.

We offer the very best in British design and craftsmanship. Our iconic duffle coat is handmade to the highest quality, using traditional construction methods, along with the finest raw materials.

At Original Montgomery, we believe in ethically sustainable fashion, not fast fashion. Montgomery products are designed to last. We have now added high quality recycled wool to 95% of our toggle coats to reduce our impact on the environment. Our wool fabric is given a special finish for a softer feel while still remaining extremely durable.


At the request of the Admiralty, the duffle coat was created to keep out the worst of the weather without restricting the movement of sailors.

The pattern was confirmed as a half double breasted design, with asymmetrical fastening, which was held together with wooden buttons and sat mid-thigh length.

This first fabric was the same double-faced material that we use today, double-sided to create a true weatherproof barrier.



Most people think that all coats are the same. What most people don't realize is that a duffle coat is different than any other coat. It fits from the shoulder down, while most coats and jackets fit from the chest down.

Each of our products is carefully designed, cut and made by hand - right here in England. We make every duffle coat with the same care and attention as we have always done for over 100 years. This is why our duffle coats fit and feel better than those made by fashion manufacturers - it's our business and we care.