Original Montgomery and our planet

Ethical sustainable fashion, not fast fashion. Long life cycle product and affordable over the next two generations.

First the good news -

  • Over 95% of all the toggle coats we make are made from recycled wool.
  • Montgomery products are made to last a lifetime- when you are done please pass your coat to someone who needs it. Cutting down on consumption will help, extending the life of products is best, using recycled fabrics is better still.
  • We believe it will be possible for us to be carbon positive in five years.

Now the bad news -

  • It is almost impossible to be exact about what is `ECO` and what’s not, there is no right and lots of wrong. Our opinions and actions are based on what we believe is best practice today.
  • We use lots of fresh water to make our coats soft and easy to live with- and then the cleaned and re-energised water is returned to the river we take the water from. It goes back as clean as we take it.
  • We ship around the globe. Trying to limit our footprint we use ships to move goods from England to the US and places beyond.
  • Climate change is not a forecast- it’s here now. It is part of our business model to help not hinder.
  • We are working throughout our supply chain to tackle waste, unnecessary damage to the planet, and encouraging all our partners to use the friendliest production of power.