London DuffleCoat

Stylish, convertible, and exquisitely tailored, the Montgomery London Duffle Coat for men is our most fashionable duffle coat. Cut with a longer finish than the classic duffle coat, the London duffle is cut from the finest fabrics, available in two timeless colours, Navy or Camel - Find your style this season.

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The London Montgomery Duffle sets the standard for quality and style. With ethically sourced real buffalo horn toggles and English leather straps, the London Duffle also features a removable hood which will fold flat when not in use. These coats are hand-cut and hand-pressed 5 times, ensuring a beautiful finish and a superior tailored shape.

Original Montgomery is the original British Duffle Coat Manufacturer and the world's oldest producer of duffle coats. All of our men's coats are hand made in England, crafted using traditional techniques. We make our coats this way as we believe it is the best, guaranteeing the perfect cut, quality, and finish. Our coats feature classic Check Back fabric, a double sided woven Tuscan wool, with check tartan lining, Every coat we produce is hand-finished, features fully bound seams, and is guaranteed to keep you wrapped up in style throughout the cold season.

Original Montgomery coats are built to last a lifetime. Discover our other ranges today. Choose from pea coats, toggle coats, all hand crafted with the same dedication to quality that goes into every coat we make. Read less

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