Women's Aran Sweater

Sometimes known as a fisherman`s sweater it is the unique diamond pattern that represents a wish for prosperity that makes the wearer feel a million dollars.

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The Aran Islands are off the West coast of Ireland, in Galway Bay. It was here that fisherman first wore these now world-famous sweaters, and they were most popular in the 1950`s and 1960`s.

Today they are back in fashion, taking their cue from famous celebrities such as Steve McQueen, Princess Grace, and Marilyn Monroe.

The Irish, and most of us are a little Irish, and the great movie stars have all loved an Aran sweater.

Our Aran is for those who don`t need to try too hard.

Effortlessly comfortable, always stylish, and in our case made from super soft High Altitude Merino wool.

Our Merino wool is grown exclusively on Merino sheep in the Peruvian High Andes.

The people of the High Andes live a tough life, but it is a way of living that has changed little in 500 years.

The farmers who tend these special animals live and work in a harsh environment, but it is where their forefathers, often original Inca, chose to live and today is no different. Living at High Altitude is not for everyone, but those that choose it deserve our support.

By sourcing our Merino here is a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle for these Peruvians. Without customers like us this lifestyle will disappear. By helping these farmers, we are maintaining a way of life that would merely be an interesting lifestyle movie about times past. Support them or they will leave.

It costs a little more, but it is worth it.

These people were here with the Incas, and then the Spanish, and it was the Spanish that brought the Merino sheep.

Merino sheep, once the reserve of the Spanish Royal Court, produce the softest, most long-lived wool. Being raised at high altitude these Merino sheep produce thicker and longer fibres than their counter parts raised elsewhere.

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